PC groups

Most muds (perhaps all?) login new players as an individual PC. Many muds allow NPC pets and minions. I’d like to see more muds, or just a mud, that logins new players as a PC group — a collection of individuals.

Group members could die, be dismissed, loaned to other groups, recruit new members.

This leads to the question of POV — whose eyes does the player look through. Can they switch POV? Does this necessarily lead to a horde of ‘sub-PCs’ roaming the game map? It seems like it could be an information overload, unless there is a ‘boss’ PC, and then what makes this different from a PC with pets?

Maybe you can switch POV, but only under certain circumstances. What you would want to avoid is the feeling of just playing a bunch of alts, because, well, you can do that on any mud (although on most muds grouping alts is cheating — interesting to see a mud that would allow it — I know that Chiaroscuro allows points ‘earned’ by one alt to pass through to another). So your interface should make it clear you’re playing a group but temporarily looking through the eyes of member A.


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  1. Mike Rozak on

    Minions of Mirth allows this, but you have probably already seen it.

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