instanced area-games

So I’ve played Betrayal at House on the Hill a couple of times now.

It’s an entertaining board game, and you could apply its concept to mud area creation pretty easily. The basic idea is that a group of players puts their tokens (PCs) on a starting tile. Each player moves their token through a tile exit of their choice and places a new tile for their token to land on. Add special effects, items, and mix.

But the fun starts when you reach a critical step in the game and one player betrays everyone else. The traitor reads a specific scenario from the scenario book (quest) that depends on the circumstances of the betrayal (what tile and special effect). All the other players are allied now and read a corresponding ‘defense’ scenario. Then it’s PvP until either group fulfills its victory conditions.

This would be a great model for non-persistant mini-game quests, especially PvP quests, which I really like.

So you take:

  • a group of PCs
  • a set of ’tiles’ (rooms or whatever)
  • special effects, mobs and items that can populate the tiles.
  • a set of ‘scenarios’ keyed to the above
  • a trigger to initiate a scenario

This doesn’t save you any work really (would be more with the scenario set), but its replay value over a standard zone is huge.

It’s not exactly a new idea, but it combines several ideas into something I’m not sure has been done before. I’d love a mud with this system.


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