player vs. self

PvE and PvP (PK) are two accepted means of conflict in muds. A third way I want to explore especially in the context of a relationship-based mud is player versus self, or for lack of a better abbreviation — PvS.

Imagine a scenario where your character does something slightly different than you command, or refuses to do something you command, based on your past actions and the character’s setup. Of course this could be extremely frustrating and maybe a game-killer for the player, but I think if it’s handled well it could be very interesting. What player hasn’t had a conflict within themself while playing a game? In a RP environment the player can act this out through their character, but if it’s not a RP environment, it could be acted out in proxy by a PvS system.

It is possible that PvS wouldn’t look that different than PvE (or in an extreme case PvP?); the absolute control a player has over their character is such a given that any extraneous force acting within the character could very well be perceived as acting on the character instead. So the challenge beomes to manifest the conflict in such a way that the player believes the conflict is indeed internal. I think it would in fact work especialy well in a relationship-based mud.


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