MUDs and IF: fad nudism?

What are the possibilities for MUD-IF hybrids?

A MUD world full of IF-style puzzles? Doesn’t sound very interesting.

A MUD world based solely on quests? Interesting, but unlikely to attract as wide a range of player-types (a la Bartle’s achievers, killers, socializers, and explorers).

A MUD world with an emphasis on ‘story’? Is it then still a fun game you can play?

What about a multiplayer environment that delivers IF from a rotating roster of authors — are there any IF titles that allow you to play them with a friend, for example?

Couple this with MUD-style mini-games that allow you to develop your character apart from (or even concurrent with) the IF stories. Is this any different from a questing mud? It could be if the IF stories themselves didn’t emphasize quests and puzzles; there can be ‘social’ IF, for example, and maybe even ‘combat’ IF for the killers, while character development serves the achievers.

So you have a multiplayer IF world by multiple authors where characters can develop and change from one IF story to the next, in effect multiplayer serialized IF. MSIF? Not fad nudism.


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  1. Mike Rozak on

    MUDs started as multiplayer interactive fiction. Richard Bartle’s Mud1 was inspired by Dungen, which (as I recall) was an early form of Zork. Zork isn’t exactly IF as IF is known today though.

    For various reasons though, the IF parts disappeared and/or evolved into more of a CRPG. Basically, the puzzles. which are time-consuming to produce and easy to cheat (called a walkthrough) were replaced with CRPG combat, which is more robust in a PvP/competitive environemnt, since it’s cheap content and can’t be cheated on (except through macros). Puzzles also had reset problems.

    As far as stories, quests are stories, just very small ones that don’t span the entire gameplay experience. A chain of quests is getting more story like still.

    But this still doesn’t mean that multiplayer IF will work. It might well fail; Uru failed.

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