are all muds virtual worlds?

Check out what Raph Koster says about this.

It’s interesting what God Wars II is doing in this respect, with a conscious effort to include mini-games within the mud (the “war” card game most recently). Of course this is nothing new, muds have included all sorts of mini-games for decades.

On the other hand what do you think most non-mudding people would say if you asked them whether a mud was a game or a virtual world? I don’t know, I haven’t asked (I mean, does even your neighbor know you play muds?), but we do say we play muds after all. We are toeing the line between virtual worlds and virtual games and who can say where the foot will fall.

Koster’s point that MMO games include non-game elements like chat is something of a non-point, I mean it’s certainly possible to play many if not most games with zero social interaction, but ‘table talk’ is such a natural element in many games can’t it be considered to be part of the game itself?


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  1. Raph on

    You come from the text mud world — you should know as well as anyone just how many muds there are out there that don’t have any games in them at all. 🙂 In particular, many of them are based solely on chat.

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