muds !rooms

Rooms are so 1991.

OK, rooms are fine for the presentation of typical virtual worlds like you find in 99.9% of muds. And by room I mean a virtual physical space, including non-‘room’ coordinate systems. However this is not the only way to present a mud world nor is it necessarily the most desirable way. I have some thoughts on this I’m going to elaborate as time goes on. For now I’ll just leave it as a thought (maybe I’ll make a sticker):

muds !rooms

Meanwhile look at this article about descriptions in IF by Stephen Granade. A lot of it applies to muds.

It’s a good article though he still focuses on physical representation, not that it doesn’t make sense to do so. On the other hand what are the possibilities to make muds that don’t focus on describing physical space in the game world? I wonder.


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