mud typography

I’ve always liked typography and been interested in how text looks good, and a friend started taking a letterpress class recently and got me thinking more about type in general. Also I’ve mudded for a while and just played a lot of muds.

One thing that has turned me off of muds (to clarify by muds I mean mu*’s as well) is not only a theme, mechanics, or admin I dislike but, for lack of a better phrase, what I’m going to call:

bad text

I took a general survey of a bunch (20+) muds the other night just to look at their typography. It’s surprising to me that, for a medium that in general relies solely on textual representation, the majority of mud IMO don’t do a very good job of composing text.

Doubtless some of this has to do with needing to serve the LCD of telnet/mud clients. Nevertheless I think most players use semi-sophisticated clients that easily can interpret basic formatting.

Why don’t more muds focus on how the text looks? Is this something that many players actually don’t care about?

Just for the sake of making a specific example, here are some muds that I think do (or did) a good job of typography, please don’t take this as some kind of ad:

God Wars II
Dark Voyage
Pax Magica

I’m curious to know if you can think of some other examples.

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