Areas: not the usual?

I’m wondering if anyone can provide examples of areas that defy the norm. By the norm I mean something like this:


1789878 34323 red 783646 kills:4568737
The RiCketY Bridge
[Exits: n s down]
Oh my, this bridge doesn’t feel very sturdy! The split sapling rail wobbles at your touch, the splintered treads crunch under your feet, and the whole thing sways at the slightest movement. Better be careful — it’s a long way down!
A gold ring is laying here.
A furry brown squirrel chatters excitedly.


or for you RPI people:


[tired sore thirsty (reading: The Iliad)]
On a barren moor
The dull grey-green grass sweeps across the hillside like hair across the weathered crown of a balding arch-magus, sawing back and forth in the wind just as the carpenter labors at his toil to the lonely yet beguiling music of the sprung steel saw blade that he has sharpened carefully, dutifully, without fail from the time of his apprenticeship to when he has mastered the rule of wood, muscle, and thought, honing his craft with the patience of a musician, the skill of the bladedancer, and the soul of a man that knows one must dedicate oneself to one’s craft with the utmost and highest spiritual yearning.
A gold ring is laying here.
A squirrel chatters excitedly.

A stream skirts the hillside to the south, the plains shoulder up to the hills to the west.


Of course it’s difficult to simulate an area with just one room, but has anyone seen an area that doesn’t follow the kind of model shown above. Is there anything unusual, unconventional, descriptions with one line, one sentence, one word — across whole areas? Room descriptions only as extra descriptions? Descriptions only in the items? All descriptions are poems? Single characters? Spaces and semicolons?

Just FYI, I’ve never seen anything like I’m talking about.

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