Against 4-6 lines of description and NIC ‘you’

[for the sake of the archives I’m going to migrate a few mud forum posts to the blog. Find the original link at the end of the post.]

First let me say that I’m not talking about all head builders and mud owners. There are at least three or four in the mud community that are reasonable people.

Nevertheless I’m bothered by a growing trend among head area builders, and no, I’m not talking about the lack of creativity, the repetition, the moral vacuum, or the spelling. All that can be tolerated. What I’m talking about is:

‘all rooms should have roughly 4-6 lines of description and not include the word you’

OK, sure, people will say, ‘this is only a guideline. A builder can go beyond this.’ But let’s face it. Many new builders will adopt this guideline as a creative credo, use it as a model, bludgeon newer builders over the head with it, when really they should be running from it as fast as they can.

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